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Failure to Appear in Wake County

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Failure to appear for a speeding ticket or traffic violation hearing can happen for a number of reasons. While there are few certainties in court case outcomes, Lawrence J. Kissling III has a high success rate in recalling Failure to Appear orders. Attorney Kissling can file a motion to reschedule your hearing and attend your hearing for you with no penalty to you. He has been handling cases for clients for more than 30 years. Don’t risk further penalties when you can consult an experienced lawyer about your other options today.

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What Is a “Failure to Appear” Order?

If you do not appear in court for the hearing scheduled on your traffic ticket, your case will be marked “called and failed.” 20 days after you miss your court date, you will be issued a Failure to Appear order. If you fail to address your Failure to Appear order (e.g., you have not answered the court or disposed of the case) within 20 days, the court will notify the DMV who will suspend your license. In addition, the Failure to Appear fee issued by the court is $200. Some failure to appear cases may even result in an order for your arrest. 

If you are a driver from outside the state, your failure to appear could also impact your ability to renew your license in your home state until you resolve the ticket.

Note that if you failed to appear in court, your license will be revoked until you  dispose of the charge. Further, if you haven’t paid your ticket as required, your license may also remain revoked until you pay the amount ordered.

How to Reschedule Your Case

To address your Failure to Appear order, you can reschedule your court date, which your lawyer can attend on your behalf. Attorney Kissling can help you request that the judge “strike” your failure to appear and provide you with a new court date. If the judge allows this, they can also cancel the failure to appear fee. You may be required to bring proof of your reason for missing the original hearing. 

It is also possible that the judge continues, or postpones, your case to another court date, though it is much likelier that they’ll simply issue a new court hearing like above.

Avoid license suspension and further fines from a failure to appear with the help of an experienced attorney. For an all-inclusive fee, Attorney Kissling can attend court for you and resolve the headache of a traffic court hearing. Whether you have been called to appear in court for driving with a revoked license or for some other moving violation, Attorney Kissling can represent you in court.


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