Prayer for Judgment Continued

Prayer for Judgment Continued in Wake County

Helping Your Resolve Your North Carolina Ticket in Court

A Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) is a familiar, valuable legal option in North Carolina for a broad range of driving violations like speeding, reckless driving, and hit and runs. However, PJCs are not guaranteed or automatic. 

An experienced lawyer like Attorney Lawrence J. Kissling III can help you evaluate whether a PJC is a viable option for you. He has practiced law for over 3 decades, helping thousands of clients a year in Wake County with their traffic violation disputes. 

Contact Lawrence J. Kissling III, PLLC online for a free consultation to discuss your traffic violation and whether a PJC is right for your case. Representing drivers in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, and Fuquay-Varina.

What Is a Prayer for Judgment Continued?

A PJC is a request that the traffic court continue a guilty judgment for a traffic violation. That is, you will plead guilty to the offense, but then you will ask for a “Prayer for Judgment” that won’t enter the offense against your license or your insurance. This means you will not incur the penalties ordered, such as points to your driver’s license.

While this sounds like an ideal outcome, PJCs are not easy to obtain or always your best option. Even a successful petition may not guarantee that you are free from all the consequences, and judges grant PJCs with careful discretion. 

Additionally, PJCs could lead to several alternative consequences including:

  • increased insurance rates;
  • matters involving background checks;
  • complications with employment or housing.

Who Should Pursue a PJC?

It is advisable to consult an experienced lawyer about whether a PJC is appropriate for your case. Be aware that a PJC requires that you first plead guilty, and you must do so without knowing whether your PJC petition will be approved in the first place. DWIs and speeding tickets involving speeding over 15 mph are not eligible for PJC such as Passing a Stopped School Bus. . 

Also note that the DMV only recognizes 2 PJCs every 5 years, which means your third PJC may not even allow you to forego the driver’s license points that you’d hoped it would. Insurance policies also only recognize one PJC every 3 years. 

Evidently, the effectiveness of a PJC depends on your case. Attorney Lawrence J. Kissling III has over 3 decades of professional experience handling traffic tickets, and he has maneuvered various scenarios of traffic court cases. He can better evaluate your case to advise you about whether a PJC is the best option for you to keep your driving record clear. If the PJC is not right for you, he can also explore several other options with you, such as arguing for a reduction of your ticket or even a complete dismissal.

Wondering if you should petition for a Prayer for Judgment Continued to resolve your traffic case? Contact Lawrence J. Kissling III, PLLC for legal counsel today.