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School Speed Sign with "Slow Down in School Zones"

I always like to post a reminder at this time of year about speeding in school zones.  Below is the NC statute on the issue.  Remember that even though traditional calendar schools are out, there are still year-round schools that are still in school and you need to watch for those.

Speeding in a school zone carries a $250 fine and the less than 10 MPH over the limit rule that would prevent a speeding ticket from going on your insurance does not apply to speeding in school zones.  The only way to keep this ticket off your insurance is with a Prayer for Judgment.

§ 20-141.1.  Speed limits in school zones.

The Board of Transportation or local authorities within their respective jurisdictions may, by ordinance, set speed limits lower than those designated in G.S. 20-141 for areas adjacent to or near a public, private or parochial school. Limits set pursuant to this section shall become effective when signs are erected giving notice of the school zone, the authorized speed limit, and the days and hours when the lower limit is effective, or by erecting signs giving notice of the school zone, the authorized speed limit and which indicate the days and hours the lower limit is effective by an electronic flasher operated with a time clock. Limits set pursuant to this section may be enforced only on days when school is in session, and no speed limit below 20 miles per hour may be set under the authority of this section. A person who drives a motor vehicle in a school zone at a speed greater than the speed limit set and posted under this section is responsible for an infraction and is required to pay a penalty of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).  

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